Paper Doll Crafts Afterschool

Visit Sawyer to enroll in classes.

Welcome to the world of paper dolls, a childhood favorite of mine and a much loved playtime activity for tons of kids today.  Paper Doll Crafts is a mix of origami and paper crafts.  In this afterschool program, students will fold, pinch, cut and glue paper to create visually arresting clothing and accessories for their paper dolls. 

Students pick from one of four paper dolls: Kiara, Rudo, Jasmine and Reagan to start.  We will then send them a DIY kit that includes the paper doll along with different types of paper, ribbon and other fun craft supplies that will help students to create fantastical paper doll fashions. 

For fall 2020, we will be running 2 half semesters: Fall 1 – runs from September 8th through October 16th and Fall 2 – September 19th through December 4th.  Paper Doll Crafts classes will run in two sessions on Tuesdays @ 3:30 pm (EST) / 12:30 pm (PST) and 6:30 pm (EST) / 3:30 PM (PST).  

Please allow 3 to 10 days for the class kit to arrive.

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