Origami Bear Cow

Here is another installment of the easy origami projects. Today, we will be exploring origami bear.

But as with most crafts, you start with an idea in your mind but sometimes you end up with something else. In making the video, I decided to to make a girl bear but after it was all done, it did not look like a bear anymore. It looked more like a cow to me. Go figure right!!!

Supplies: 4″ square origami paper, marker

Place the paper in front of you as shown above.

Fold in half diagonally bringing the top right corner down to the bottom left hand corner. Create a sharp crease by running your nail against the fold.

Position the paper as shown above. For the next fold, you will be bringing corner A to corner B.

Fold as described above and create a sharp crease.

For the next 3 folds, use the above diagram as a guide. You will folding according to the following: fold the straight line first, then the dotted line and finishing with the dashed line.

Of note, for the above folds, you will fold all the layers together. Now you don’t have to do that. You can fold each side separately, however I find that for beginners, it is easier to place the folds symmetrically on either side of the bear if you have some guide folds to start with.

For the first fold, bring the left section to the right. Keep in mind that the fold is at a slight angle and is not running parallel to the folded edge on the right side.

Next, fold accordions style bringing the corners so that they are pointing left. This will be along the dotted line from the fold guide above.

Finish by folding to bring the corners so that they are pointing to the right.

Unfold the last four folds. it should like as shown above.

Now refold the right section as shown above. Of note, you will need to refold in the opposite direction from the original folds.

Repeat on the other side. Again, make sure you make your sharp creases. This is the back of the bear.

Turn the bear upside down so that you are looking at the from of the bear.

We are almost there. Just a coupla folds until the end. Now fold up bringing the bottom corner up and line it onto the center fold line. You can guesstimate where your fold line is gonna be. Again, I am folding through all layers.

Fold the tip back accordion style.

Open the mouth area and refold as shown above.

Next draw in the nose and mouth.

And finish by drawing n the eyes.

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