DIY Activity Kit: Senior, 6+ Years Old

Our DIY Activity Kit 2 is for kids from 6 years of age and up. Below, you will find the different categories of activities available in this kit. Within each category are different options available to help customize the kit for the recipient. Based on the options picked, we will curate patterns and complimentary color sets to package a truly personalized activity for each and every customer. You can find the kit in our Etsy store.

Of note, certain supplies like glue, pliers, scissors etc are not included. Adult supervision is recommended when using hot glue guns.

Paper Lantern Creatures: Birds. Color options are: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green and Yellow-Orange. Each kit comes with supplies to make one bird.

Unicorn Corner Bookmark, Creature Corner Bookmark, or Origami Animals: Penguin, Fish. Each kit comes with enough supplies to make four origami projects: Unicorn Corner Bookmark (the origami paper is always white), Creature Corner Bookmark (the color will be based on your primary color preference), Penguin and Fish (will also be based on your primary color choice)

Paper Dresses: Pleated Dress, Scalloped Edge Dress, Box Pleat Dress, High Low Dress. This kit comes with supplies to make the four dresses as well as four greeting cards and envelopes. All our dress origami papers are double sided, which means the front side is different from the back side. Sometimes one side has a pattern while the other side is a complementary plain color. Other times, both sides are plain but are different colors. Our greeting cards come in a variety of colors and patterns and will be based on your primary and secondary color choices. OF NOTE: the kit does not contain paper dolls.

Unicorn Headband. The floral colors will be based on your primary and secondary color choices.

Bead Person. Color options are: yellows, blues, pinks, greens and black & white.

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